Northern Municipal Cemetery (Cimetière communal nord)

In addition to an extensive ensemble of civilian funerary heritage, the site has two memorials to French soldiers from Comines killed during the Franco-Prussian War, graves of victims of both World Wars, one of the last German monuments erected during the First World War still standing in the region (included in the ‘Pioneer’ cross-border cycling and car touring itineraries) and a WWII British park.

Practical information:

  • Where: Rue du Bas Chemin

Southern Municipal Cemetery (Cimetière communal sud)

In this cemetery, you will find a monument to the fallen French, crowned with an infantryman’s helmet and erected between the world wars, in tribute to the victims of the world wars in the Sainte Marguerite district.

Practical information:

  • Where: Boulevard de Lille



The German cemetery

Some 1,964 German soldiers (including a General) are buried in this cemetery.

Practical information:

  • Where: Route de Linselles in Quesnoy-sur-Deûle


The German cemetery

This First World War cemetery has an entranceway made of natural stone. Features nameplates for identifying the victims of the war.

Practical information:

  • Where: 57 Rue des Pérenchies



Municipal Cemetery (Le cimetière communal)

This cemetery has a military section for Commonwealth soldiers and a monument to the victims of the First World War.

Practical information:

  • Where: Rue du Général Leclerc

Monument to the Fallen

This war memorial has two urns bearing engraved texts, with the left-hand urn commemorating the First World War.

Practical information:

  • Where: 89 Rue du Général Leclerc


Fort du Vert Galant

Built by General Séré de Rivières to protect Lille, Vert Galant Fort was used by German troops as a rear base during the First World War. During the Second World War, 90 hostages and Resistance fighters were executed here. A monument and a plaque at the entrance commemorate their sacrifice.

Practical information:

  • Where: Rue du Vert Galant

La Dacquerie German Cemetery (Le cimetière allemand de la Dacquerie)

As the hamlet of La Dacquerie occupied a strategic position, an observation post was set up here by a lime tree in 1915. The bodies of 2,655 soldiers were buried in this area. The site is marked by a monument. A list of the victims can be found in a niche in the pillar at the entrance.

Practical information:

  • Where: Rue de Quesnoy