Founded in the early 12th century, Lompret is one of the original hamlets making up the district of Weppes. In the Middle Ages, the village supplied staples such as wheat to the local and neighbouring populations. Farming is still an important activity in the area. Until 1789, the hamlet was owned by successive lords including the Douve lords from the 15th to the 17th century. Their memory has lasted through the centuries since the Douve family coat of arms featuring three chevrons remains Lompret’s coat of arms to this day. From 1789 onwards, Lompret was one of their numerous fiefs including the seigneuries of Villers, Lassus and Phalecque.

Lompret Chapel

Take an amble around Lompret and discover Lompret Chapel erected in 1842 on Rue de la Chapelle in the village centre.

The 300-year-old beech tree

Lompret nursery is home to a 300-year-old beech tree that was awarded the label ‘remarkable tree’ by the ‘remarkable trees of France’ association.


Lompret en Fête : the whole town comes alive the first weekend of October for Lompret’s annual carnival. On the programme: Saturday holds the ‘Lompret en courant’ race day and online gaming followed on Sunday with the traditional children’s jumble sale.