Jean Guerecheau swimming pool

Jean Guerecheau swimming pool close to Avenue de l’Hippodrome is a ‘sunflower’ type pool (a covered pool that opens up in good weather). It is open to the public on Saturday morning only and is a great place for families and friends to get together and have a refreshing splash about or swim. The pool offers swimming lessons, aquagym classes and water baby sessions.

Practical information:

  • Where: 4 Allée du Béguinage in Lambersart
  • Contact: +33 (0)3 20 09 05 84
  • Admission: €2/pers.
  • See website for times and prices:


Saint-André-lez-Lille municipal swimming pool

Just a short walk from the town centre, Saint-André-lez-Lille municipal swimming pool is open all year round. It has two pools: a small pool 12.50 x 12.50m and a main 25-m-long lane pool. The centre has a full programme of activities: aquagym, senior swimming, aqua jogging, water babies, swimming lessons and aquabike sessions. Ideal whether you want to swim lanes or simply relax!

Practical information:

  • Where: 32 Rue de Vauban in Saint-André-lez-Lille - Outside car park reserved for patrons
  • See website for times and prices:
  • Contact: +33 (0)3 20 51 66 69

Closed until further notice