This town takes its name from the name Eburilo and the Germanic word heim meaning ‘house or village’. Located 8 km north-west of Lille, Verlingheim is a mostly rural town with around 40 hectares of wooded land in its environs. The town has many farms within its borders. It earned a reputation from the early 20th century for its strawberry crops. The town has various sports and cultural facilities that provide a home for many of the town’s growing local clubs and associations.

St Chrysole Fountain

This fountain on Rue de la Fontaine was built on the spot where St Chrysologus, martyred by the Romans in the year 303, is said to have brought forth a spring whose water had healing powers. It was classed as an Historic Monument by ministerial order on 5 October 1920.

Saint-Chrysole Church

Historians estimate that the oldest parts of the church date back to the 15th century. The church was severely damaged during the Dutch Revolt, around 1565. In 1840, it was completely destroyed by fire. Shortly after, it was rebuilt on the original foundations although the choir side was extended outwards. During the First World War, the bell tower was used as a lookout post by the Germans, who had removed the four corner pinnacles and the top of the corner spire. The church along with every other man-made structure in the village was heavily damaged between 1914 and 1918.

Château Viervoode

This château also goes by the name of Blanc or Thiriez. This edifice dating from the 19th century is set in a park along the Route de Lambersart. The building has a beautiful Louis XVI façade and the overall decoration is elegant and restrained. The château was almost rebuilt from scratch after the First World War given the extent of the damage it received.

Ferme des Templiers

Listed as an Historic Monument, the ‘Templars Farm’, surrounded by moats, dates from the 16th century. This exceptional property is one of the largest reception sites in Lille Metropole and is the perfect venue for any prestigious event. It is set in four hectares of grounds.

Domaine de la Chanterelle

This estate set in 40 hectares of grounds is the ideal location to host special occasions such as weddings and family reunions or professional events such as seminars or work parties.

Fort Leisure Park - (Base de Loisirs du Fort)

This leisure park offers various sports (mini golf, croquet, traditional regional games), activities (volleyball, tennis, ice-skating, adventure trails) and picnic areas. It is also a destination venue for major events such as Bastille Day (14 July) and the Deûle en Fête festival in early June.


Fête des Fraises : the strawberry festival takes places on the third Sunday in June in the village centre.

Jogging des Fraises : this running club organises a number of races in Verlingheim every year on Whit Monday. As many as 1,800 participants take part every year. Several distances are available: 0.8 km, 1.2 km, 4 km and 10 km.