Deûlémont lagooning

Ponds and lakes are surrounded by reeds, bulrushes and cattails and wastewater treatment plants typically take up large areas. However, the benefits of the natural lagooning technique are their visual and environmental appeal and their ability to perfectly blend into the landscape. The three lagoons naturally eliminate any pollution dissolved in the water (nitrogen, carbon and phosphorous) during a 50-60-day cycle thanks to the action of bacteria, algae and zoo plankton as well as sunlight. Once cleaned, the water is released into the Deûle and the cycle ends.

Lille Metropole invites you every first Sunday of the month in summer, at 9.45am, to learn in a fun and interactive way all about the natural cleansing plant in Deûlémont. Sign up with Lille Metropole by calling +33 (0)3 20 21 33 00, groups up to 25 people only. Meeting point shared after registration.

Practical information: